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For as long as I can remember, I have loved jewellery. My grandmother would bring rings back from Cyprus and let the women of the family choose their favourite ring. Being the eldest grandchild of the family, I was 9, if there was a ring left over I could have it, and that's where my jewellery obsession began. Fast forward to today, I have now been in the jewellery industry for 25 years and have done everything from hand making, design, wholesale, guest speaking, hosted bubbles and bling events, jewellery styling and written my own book. I have also appeared on the TODAY show, Studio 10 and Shark Tank, let's just say my jewellery journey has been a wild ride. I'm sure I was a princess in a past life; as my first jewellery business was making tiaras in my bridal jewellery business for 7 years before I opened a gift store in the beautiful beach side suburb of Manly, Sydney where I made and sourced all sorts of different styles of jewellery. From my gorgeous store in Manly, due to the end of my marriage, I turned my passion to designing versatile jewellery for busy women, which is now my focus. Seeing women's faces light up when they see the 10 Way Necklace transform into jewellery that will take you from day to night and every holiday lights me up each and every time! The positive testimonials I receive inspires me and is the reason why I love what I do! Very recently we have started a 10 Way Stylist side to the business which is very exciting. It has been a way to really connect with women on another level and is so rewarding. Everyone has a story to tell, and a reason why they feel having their own business is so valuable and gives strength, while still having the support to grow. To help women in this way as a result of my life long passion with jewellery is truly a dream come true for me. I'm so grateful and blessed for this life, and I'm so glad that you are a part of it.

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