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Enchanted Earth offers you unique, beautiful, high vibe, quality and natural crystals and crystal products at an amazingly low cost, with love. We create High Frequency Vibrational Crystal Essences and Elixirs, and offer Personal Energy Balancing and Energetic Alignment Treatments. Enchanted Earth was created at the start of 2013 from our passion and love of crystals, the universe and mother earth energy. We want to share this passion and joy, the gratitude and enthusiasm for life; and the wonderment of the magical healing energies available to us ~ that the crystals and mother earth, the universe and especially ourselves always have to offer. We are all energy, and crystals too hold it in abundance, and in such variety. They offer us a way to connect to this magical energy through their pure divine beauty, vibration and resonance. Simply being around a crystal or using an essence can raise our vibration to their high frequency, without us even consciously connecting to it. Enchanted Earth is about offering you a chance to open yourself to feeling and discovering your own magical energy and your true essence. We have taken a break from the Arts and Craft and Farmers' Markets for a while. But we love to connect with like minded people, contact us today to find out more ? Happy to accept Qoin (for most items). ****Sadly we don't have any crystal pieces in stock ******* But we do have our amazing signature Earth Essences and Elixirs ******

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